This is not a Christmas card

Instead of sending Christmas cards, OWS decided to support people in Gent who need it.

OWS is doing well. This does not apply to all the people and companies surrounding us, especially not in these times. That is why we have asked ourselves whether we could do something small for the local community in this year-end period.

We’ve stumbled upon an interesting initiative. The non-profit association Enchant√© helps people in need by offering small services through their network of traders and citizens. In (our hometown) Gent for example, you can treat somebody (you don’t know) to a ‘postponed coffee’. And recently they have also started offering ‘postponed overnight stays’. The idea is the same as for a postponed coffee: someone can buy a postponed bed online or on the spot. Those who need it can stay 3 to 5 nights free of charge at Treck Hostel, where they can also rest, shower and have breakfast. 

OWS decided to support this initiative. Instead of sending hard copy Christmas cards or developing a catchy digital Christmas card, OWS will offer one postponed overnight stay for every OWS-employee to a person in Gent who needs it. This means that we will treat 115 people in precarious situations in Gent to a warm bed, a shower and breakfast. You can find an article (in Dutch) about this in our local newspaper.

We believe in doing well by doing good. We do this for the people without a warm home √°nd for the specific hotel (which is also suffering in these COVID-times).

We wish you a warm end of the year and a fantastic 2021 with a lot of hugs!