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Biopolymers from Syngas Fermentation


October 1st, 2012 – September 30th, 2016


SYNPOL aims to propel the sustainable production of new biopolymers from feedstock. SYNPOL will thereto establish a platform that integrates biopolymer production through modern processing technologies, with bacterial fermentation of syngas, and the pyrolysis of highly complex biowaste (e.g., municipal, commercial, sludge, agricultural).

The R&D activities will focus on the integration of innovative physico-chemical, biochemical, downstream and synthetic technologies to produce a wide range of new biopolymers. The integration will engage novel and mutually synergistic production methods as well as the assessment of the environmental benefits and drawbacks. This  integrative platform will be revolutionary in its implementation of novel microwave pyrolytic treatments together with systems-biology defined highly efficient and physiologically balanced recombinant bacteria. The latter will produce biopolymer building-blocks and polyhydroxyalkanoates that will serve to synthesize novel bio-based plastic prototypes by chemical and enzymatic catalysis.

Thus, the SYNPOL platform will empower the treatment and recycling of complex biological and chemical wastes and raw materials in a single integrated process. The knowledge generated through this innovative biotechnological  approach will not only benefit the environmental management of  terrestrial wastes, but also reduce the harmful environmental impact of petrochemical plastics. This project offers a timely strategic action that will enable the EU to lead worldwide the syngas fermentation technology for waste revalorization and sustainable biopolymer production.


CSIC (Spain)


University of Manchester (UK), University of Ulm (Germany), University College Dublin (Ireland), HES-SO (Switzerland), KTH (Sweden), University of Munster (Germany), University of Strasbourg (France), Biopolis (Spain), Bioplastech (Ireland), Bionet (Spain), Infors (Switzerland), Befesa-GRI (Spain) and OWS (Belgium)

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