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Auditing, Controlling & Sorting (ACS)

"15 years of experience in the field of auditing, controlling & sorting"


Waste is a subjective and inaccurate term as waste to one person is not waste to another. It can be quantified by size or weight, but there is a big difference between both approaches. Organic waste for instance is much heavier when it is wet, while plastic and glass bottles can have different weights but the same size. Furthermore, the definition of waste and what falls into waste categories also varies from country to country, making the complete picture even more complex. Because of the inconsistencies, extrapolation of data from one country to another or from one waste type to another is not possible. Therefore, and as waste identification is regularly used to determine and, if possible, optimize waste collection and treatment, precise and reliable data on the composition is in those cases of utmost importance. In this context, OWS offers services in determining the composition of waste with the precision and discipline of a laboratory. Analyses on plastic, glass, metal, paper, organic waste, mixed waste,… have been performed several times. Also the technical analysis and evaluation of the waste treatment processes and installations is a part of the services of ACS.


Administrative & technical audits

  • Administrative auditing (controlling the accuracy of data combined with a technical-operational comprehension)
  • Inventory of different waste streams
  • Technical analysis and evaluation of waste treatment processes and – installations

Since 2013, OWS is also ISO 17020 accredited for data validation and conformity verification of the take-back obligation and legal obligations of WEEE (waste of electrical and electronic equipment) management. Also all other inspection services, where possible, are performed in line with ISO 17020.

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Quality controls, inspections & analysis of different waste streams

Quality control of different collection systems of various waste streams

  • Follow-up and evaluation of collection methods
  • Monitoring the purity of industrial and domestic waste streams
  • Analysis of composition of different waste streams

controlling (2)     controlling (3)     controlling sorting (2)     sorting (3)     sorting Analyses can be performed on site (on location) or off site (at OWS’ laboratory and premises). The ACS team counts about 15 employees and is fully equipped for different types of analyses and audits:

  • A (delivery) van with a transporter loading bridge for large scale analyses
  • A (smaller) van for more small scale analyses
  • Mobile trans pallet balances (max. 250-500 kg)
  • Smaller balances (max. 6-60 kg)
  • Recipients of different volumes and sizes
  • Sorting tables
  • Standard safety equipment

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  • Administrative audits of all PMC sorting installations in Belgium
  • Technical audits of all PMC sorting installations in Belgium (3-4 audits on a weekly basis)
  • Inventory of PMC sorting installations and transfer points in Belgium (since 2000)
  • Evaluation of the collection of PMD at company level


  • Administrative audits (approx. 100 inspections per year, since 2006)
  • Monitoring of the purity of industrial waste streams (approx. 1000 inspections per year)


  • Administrative audits of all recycling plants and transfer points in Belgium (since 2008)

PV Cycle

  • Operational audits of recycling plants of PV modules in Europe (since 2011)

Interregional  Packaging Committee (IVC)

  • Financial analysis of the collection of domestic waste streams
  • Statistical analysis of separately collected waste streams

And many others, including:

  • Intermunicipal authorities: INTERZA, Regionale Milieuzorg, ILvA, IVAGO, Bruxelles Récyclage
  • Professional organizations: Recupel, Phytofar Recovery
  • Public authorities: OVAM, BIM, FOD


Mr. Bruno De Wilde
Managing Director

Mrs. An Vander Linden
Project Manager ACS
Tel: +32 9 233 02 04


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