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Hybrid Composites based on Fibers of Marine Origin – Chiellini, E., Cinelli, P., Ivanova Ilieva, V., Zimbardi, F., Kanellopoulos, N., De Wilde, B., Verstichel, S., Pipino, A., Anders, B. and Sass, J.
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Basics of Anaerobic Digestion – De Wilde, B.
Bioplastics Magazine, 4, 42-44, 2009.
Energie aus organischem Abfall – De Baere L, Aehling M.
Umwelt Magazin, maart 2008  
Der DRANCO-Prozess – kontinuierliche Trockenfermentation zur Verwertung von Bioabfällen und Energiepflanzen – De Baere L.
Presented at the Symposium on Anaerobic Dry Fermentation at the IBBK/IBBCC Conference in Berlin, 21-22 February 2008
Biomethanisation and composting in Can Barba (Terrassa, Barcelona)
Infoenviro October 2007
Planta da tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos mediante biometanización y compostaje de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Infoenviro Mei 2007
Characterization of L-polylactide and L-polylactide-polycaprolactone copolymer films for use in cheese packaging applications – Plackett, D., Holm, V., Johansen, P., Ndoni, S., Nielsen, P., Sipilainen-Malm, T., Södergård, A. and Verstichel, S.
Packaging Technology and Science, 19, 1-24, 2006.
International and national norms on biodegradability and certification procedures – De Wilde, B.
Handbook of biodegradable polymers, 145-181, 2005. Editor : Bastioli, C. Rapra Technology Ltd., Shrewsbury, UK. ISBN 1-85957-389-4.
Biodegradation of cyclodextrins in soil – Fenyvesi, E., Gruiz, K., Verstichel, S., De Wilde, B., Leitgib, L., Csabai, K. and Szaniszlo, N.
Chemosphere, 60, 1001-1008, 2005.
Investigation of the aerobic biodegradability of several types of cyclodextrines in a laboratory controlled composting test – Verstichel, S., De Wilde, B., Fenyvesi, E. and Szejtli, J.
Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 12, 47-55, 2004.

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About OWS

OWS is a world leading company in the biodegradability and compostability testing of products and materials, and in waste management consultancy.