Lab & Consulting Services

Biodegradability, Compostability & Ecotoxicity (BCE)

Compost analysis

The BCE division has an extensive experience in biodegradability, compostability and ecotoxicity testing under (industrial/home) composting, soil, (fresh/marine) water, anaerobic digestion and landfill conditions and can assist you in preparing your dossier for certification.

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Biogas Consulting & Support (BCS)

Biogas potential

All-round consultancy, advice and support for start-up, continuous operation, optimization and revamping of your anaerobic digestion plant. The BCS department offers a portfolio of services that help to ensure both the efficient design and operation of biogas plants and processes and technologies forĀ Carbon Capture & Utilisation.

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Auditing, Controlling & Sorting (ACS)


The ACS unit can help you with on and off site quality control, analysis of composition of different waste streams and inspection of purity of waste as well as with both administrative and technical audits in the waste treatment sector.

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Sustainability Assessment Services (SAS)

Green E

The SAS unit helps organisations measure and improve their environmental impact by providing sustainability advice based on life cycle assessment (LCA) studies.

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