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Bio-Based Packaging: Materials, Modifications, Industrial Applications and Sustainabilitynew
Environmental impacts and consumer concerns have necessitated the study of bio-based materials as alternatives to petrochemicals for packaging applications. The purpose of this review is to summarize synthetic and non-synthetic materials feasible for packaging and textile applications, routes of upscaling, (industrial) applications, evaluation of sustainability, and end-of-life options.
Bio-end-of-life of textiles - Presentation at Performance Days 2017new
You can also listen to the podcast via the following link.
Expert statement : (Bio)degradable mulching filmsnew
The first part discusses the biochemical pathway of biodegradation and more particularly the meaning of complete biodegradation in soil. The second part touches on the possible accumulation of plastics in the soil as a result of repetitive use of both non-biodegradable and biodegradable mulching films.
Production of clean compost out of mixed MSWnew
Making clean compost out of mixed MSW: a giant leap towards Zero Waste
L'usine OVADEnew
L'usine de TMB-méthanisation du syndicat Organom, dans l'Ain, utilise pour la première fois la technologie SORDISEP, une 'lavage' du digestat par voie humide. Intérêt: méthaniser davantage, avoir un compost très propre et un taux de refus de TMB plutôt bas.
Ecocéa, premier site à injecter du biométhane dans le réseau GRTgaznew
Pour valoriser la fraction fermentescible des OMR, cette nouvelle unité va produire du biométhane et du compost à vocation agricole.
Organic Recycling of Agricultural Waste Today: Composting and Anaerobic Digestionnew
Biotransformation of Agricultural Waste and By-Products - 1st Edition. Author: Poltronieri. Elsevier (in press)
25 years of bioplastics degradation testing - A journey
OWS (Organic Waste Systems) is one of the world’s leading experts in biodegradability, compostability and ecotoxicity testing of different types of materials, including bioplastics. The journey started in 1990 - right around the time when the first bioplastics entered the market.
A one-stop shop for biodegradability testing
Elisabeth Skoda spoke to Marketing & Sales Manager Sam Deconinck to find out more about the company's internationally succesful biodegradable materials testing business.
Using the product environmental footprint for supply chain management: lessons learned from a case study on pork
The purpose of this study was to test the chain-organization environmental footprint (chain-OEF) approach by applying it to part of a pork production chain in Belgium. The approach is supposed to provide insight into the environmental impact of a specific production chain in an efficient manner by applying pragmatic data collection throughout the chain. This is achieved by allocating the environmental impact of each of the production sites to the product of interest using straightforward allocation rules.

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OWS est un leader mondial dans la construction et l'exploitation des digesteurs anaérobies, en contrôle de la biodégradabilité des polymères et des conseils sur la gestion des déchets.