About OWS

Organic Waste Systems (OWS) is a world leading company in the biodegradability and compostability testing of different types of materials, and in waste management consultancy.

OWS is a private company under Belgian law, constituted in 1988. The headquarters of the company are in Gent (Belgium) with subsidiaries in the US, Germany & Japan.

The three main activities of the companies are:

OWS offers lab & consulting services to various clients from the public and private sector. Consulting services are offered in the field of biodegradation and compostability, waste composition, waste separation, recycling, integrated waste management and related legislation in both Europe and the U.S. OWS also provides contract research laboratory testing for the determination of the biodegradability and compostability of plastics, packaging materials, consumer products, detergents, etc. under strict quality conditions.

Here you can find a statement about our ‘Environmental Management System‘.

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